Tree of Chocolate


The Idea

The love of traveling has given us a lot of appreciation of food tasting and origination.

The variety of delicious and decadent chocolates from many parts of Europe, South America and also made by chocolate artisans in the US has a familiar similarity that remind us of our love and passion for travel and food. 

When the opportunity came to own this great chocolate shop, we took it, and it has been the greatest joy to share these chocolates and treats with everyone and to see how a piece of chocolate can bring a smile and happiness.

Style & Quality

We bring in the best quality with a touch of elegance European chocolates. 

The Belgian chocolates and truffles are decadent, beautiful on the outside – irresistible on the inside, and made with the purest non-GMO ingredients. 

There are also chocolates and treats made by chocolate artisans in the US, just as delicious as those imported from Europe.  Pure indulgence for any occasions.

100% Handmade

All of the chocolates are handmade by chocolatiers.  Each piece is made with love and passion.  Not only they are beautiful on the outside, each bite that melts in your mouth will sure bring pleasure and happiness.